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About German Articles & Quiz

Including a large dictionary of German nouns, a quiz, some helpful grammar rules and articles, this application will help you to write gramatically correct texts and improve your knowledge of the language.

Write correctly

German Articles contains more than 33 000 words. You can lookup for a word or scan it with your camera.

Stay focused

The app saves you from switching windows and searching for a word in a bunch of websites.

Continuously improve

Germans say "Übung macht den Meister". Take the quiz and you can not only improve your skills but also gain a feeling about the language.

Expect updates and news

We came so far, but we just started. The app will grow and include more features. Be part of it and send us your feedback. We'd love to hear about you!

Android German Articles


With only few clicks you can access all features of the app.

iOS German Articles


Lookup every noun in the German language and find its article. You can also see its definition.

news and articles


The app contains helpful stories about the first steps in Germany.

german articles quiz questions


Test your knowledge of the german articles with the build-in quiz, containing more that 1300 words.

grammar rules


Check the most important grammar rules, that will help you to write your text much faster.

german feedback app


Send us more words! We'd love to contact us and share your ideas how to improve the app.

our team

Boris Idesman, Dimitar Magurev and 4 more

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